Student Profiles

Alex Saccone, LSM '17

Providence, RI

Three Favorite Aspects of LSM:

The LSMP 121 course - It was very practical and interesting, and I really enjoyed hearing from all of the speakers that were brought in. It has definitely been my favorite class at Penn so far.

Career Conversations - Hearing from distinguished professionals in life science fields is always interesting, and I have already learned a lot from the conversations I have attended. I also think it's great to learn about the people themselves and the paths they took to get to their current professions.

Academic Advising - It's extremely helpful having a dedicated LSM advisor. Dr. Stokes knows all of the possible issues and solutions surrounding class selection for LSM students, making it much easier for the students.

Extracurricular Activities:

I'm in the Glee Club Band and a jazz combo. The jazz combo meets once a week and has two concerts every year. The Glee Club Band is much more time intensive, and accompanies the Glee Club during fall and spring shows, as well as during many gigs throughout the year. We also do band-only gigs. Past performances have included the Hard Rock Cafe, multiple formals, and Spring Fling, to name a few.

Favorite Experience at Penn so far:

One of my favorite experiences so far was definitely performing at Spring Fling with the Penn Glee Club Band. The audience was amazing! It was a ton of fun getting to perform for all of my friends and the rest of the Penn community. I'm excited to perform again next year!

Other Interesting things about you?

I have a twin that goes to Dartmouth.