Graduate Profiles

Cecilia Sun, LSM '12

Foster City, CA
College Major: 
Wharton Concentrations: 
Finance and Healthcare Management

What are you doing currently?

I work at a venture capital firm called Aisling Capital that invests in life sceinces companies. 


How do you feel LSM helped prepare you for life after college?

LSM was the perfect preparation for my current role. On the job, I use the full extent of my LSM education: my background in biology, finance and healthcare management. Every day my job requires me to combine my knowledge in these areas to make an invcestment decision. I also learned a tremendous amount from doing the LSM capstone project, which taught me a lot about what it takes to get a life science startup off the ground and sparked my interest in life science venture capital. 


What was your favorite aspect of the LSM program?

My favorite aspect of the LSM program was the science internship between sophmore and junior year.  I consuled for an NGO working in the hospital system in Tanzania. It was definitely an eye-opening experience and one that I will never forget.  While in Africa, I got to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and visit Zanzibar. 


What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

I hope to either be in business development at a biotech/pharma company or continue to be in life science venture capital.