Student Profiles

Jack You, LSM '20

Pittsburgh, PA
College Major: 

What makes the LSM community unique:

The LSM community is unique in that all of us are extremely interested in science and business, two seemingly different fields, yet all of us have different ways of integrating our two interests. Some of us are interested in applying business to a scientific setting while others of us are interested are applying science to a business setting. Academically, we work on the same problems and take the same classes, but it is always interesting to see how each of us will apply those practices to the real world. 

Where have you interned and what was the most rewarding experience?

During my summer after freshman year, I received funding from the Davis Internship Award offered by LSM to conduct translational research on cancer vaccinations in Pittsburgh, PA at the Department of Dermatology at UPMC. My research found that a particular molecule called XBP1, when co-administered with a vaccine, could enhance the microenvironment within the skin to allow for enhanced vaccine delivery.


I was able to not only gain valuable basic and intermediate lab skills, but also learn how to discern and analyze scientific data to extract meaningful observations, present findings at symposiums and conferences to convey the importance of my data, and learn how to write a scientific paper to be reviewed for publication. 

Favorite Experience at Penn so far:

I still vividly remember the oration that Jane Goodall gave at Penn Museum in the fall of my freshman year. Her ability to convey her life story in a way that inspired me to continue to pursue my passions as well as to always be on the lookout for new interests. 

Plans after LSM:

I hope to become a physician-executive or a physician-scientist focusing on translational medicine someday, and a program like LSM provides me the perfect platform to be able to make important and informed business decisions in a scientific and/or medical setting.