Graduate Profiles

Joseph Wang, LSM '13

Los Angeles, CA
College Major: 
Wharton Concentrations: 

What are you doing currently?

I work as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where I've been for about a year. Truly exciting stuff - high impact, uncomfortably new experiences, phenomenal personal growth. As I write this, I am in Australia for the first time, having arrived a day ago and ready to embark on a 2-3 month long project away from home.

How do you feel LSM helped prepare you for life after college?

I think LSM really allowed me the necessary soul-searching for what I am truly "interested in". Younger kids study that which they were 'good at' but over time you realize that you should be doing things that you have a 'competitive advantage' in, and beyond that, you should be doing things in which you want to have a competitive advantage.

This is important because the jobs we take, the paths we decide to walk, are often times very structured and well-walked. Very little thinking is required to accept the next step for your career. LSM really gives you the opportunity to explore your options, challenges your ability to want to do everything at once, but also give you the confidence to sprint towards whatever path you decide upon.

What was your favorite aspect of the LSM program?

The LSM lounge is really the heart and soul of the program - I got to meet so many upperclassmen who shared their perspectives, cynicism, wisdom, etc. It was also inspiring to see "what good looks like" - I think I complained a lot less when I first met a student who graduated LSM in 3 years with a nearly perfect GPA. It can be done.

What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

No clue. I think I will be doing something that has nothing to do with the pursuit of prestige, recognition, or vast sums of money. I am looking for interesting jobs, but I will need to take a risk and go find it. I am hoping it is a job where the job needs me, not necessarily I need the job.

Other advice?

Two realizations that have floated to the top as priorities in my 20's: 1) Go to the gym, your fitness is more important than your Excel sheet (I'm losing on this one, but working on it). 2) Personal growth is key, especially at a young age - aim to feel placed in uncomfortable growth situations, surround yourself with people who want to make you grow. I can afford to make mistakes when I am young.