Graduate Profiles

Lauren Mifflin '11

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
College Major: 
Biology - Neurobiology Concentration; Chemistry (Minor)
Wharton Concentrations: 
Health Care Management & Policy

What are you doing currently?

I just finished three years of strategy consulting and am starting my MBA at Chicago Booth in fall 2014.

How did LSM prepare you for life after college?

The LSM capstone class experience is so similar to the experiences I've had in consulting over the past few years. Learning to work in a group of peers, dealing with a set of structured deliverables, understanding your client and what options are/are not aligned to their goals and the pre-presentation night crunch hours were all great learning experiences for a life in consulting.

What was your favorite aspect of the LSM program?

In addition to the learning opportunity provided by the capstone class, LSM was a phenomenal opportunity to meet such inspiring leaders in the field of life sciences/healthcare. As I started to work with increasingly senior healthcare clients, I felt that the various LSM social events and presentations had given me a strong understanding of what their biggest challenges were and how to best work with them to incite change within their organizations.

What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

Hopefully I'll have finished my MBA and continue to work predominantly with healthcare companies, whether in consulting/PE/VC/who knows. Heading back to business school is providing me with the opportunity to reflect on the last three years and what goals I want to set moving forwards.