Student Profiles

Lucy Chen, LSM '16

Bethesda, MD

What makes the LSM community unique:

Penn can feel big with 2,500 undergraduates per class, but each LSM class only has 25 students, so you instantly feel a strong sense of camaraderie. It's reassuring to know that there are students who will be taking similar classes, and you can always reach out for help from any other student. But, at the same time, students also belong to other communities, so each person brings a diverse set of experiences to LSM.

Have you done research while at Penn?

My freshman summer, I worked in the oncology lab of Dr. John Maris at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on potential therapies for neuroblastoma, as part of the Penn Undergraduate Research Mentoring Program. I am continuing to work there during the school year and for my sophomore science internship. Another project for my sophomore internship is focused on the impact of default options in advance directives on outcomes at the Fostering Improvements in End-of-Life Decision Sciences program in the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics.

Favorite Experience at Penn so far:

Penn during the summer is a great experience because chances are some of your friends are also still on campus, and you have more free time to explore the rest of Philadelphia. There are plenty of fun summer festivals, outdoor movies, and other events.

Plans after LSM:

I am planning on attending medical school and possibly pursuing a doctorate in a field related to healthcare management, with the eventual goal of working in healthcare policy on either the delivery or drug development side. In LSM, I am studying biology and healthcare management and policy, so it is a perfect precursor to what I want to do in the future and gives me insight into how to weave the two fields together in order to accomplish my goals and effect lasting change in society.