Student Profiles

Matthew Andersen, LSM '20

Houston, Texas
College Major: 
Computational Biology
Wharton Concentrations: 

Three Favorite Aspects of LSM:

1. The interdisciplinary education allows me to be involved with students who study Biological Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Business.

2. LSM provides abundant opportunities for academic and professional growth through fellow driven students in the program, frequent guest lectures, and many internship possibilities.

3. Having a group of people who I can socialize with who I also know are going through the same difficult academic paths as me.

What internships have you done so far?

I spent my freshman summer at the Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai, India. This is a hospital that is well known for not only its highly trained staff, but also its system for managing and distributing eye care across India. Specifically, I worked at the Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology, a consulting branch of Aravind that seeks to improve the current systems at Aravind, and to distribute the skills and experience of Aravind to doctors around the world. I helped develop the back and front end of their different web resources and databases.

What was the most valuable or rewarding part of your internship experience?

Aravind was an extremely unique hospital receiving ophthalmologists and students around the world with whom I was able to interact with in a close environment. More importantly I was able to follow patients from rural eye camps to Aravind’s inpatient clinics to see how the hospital deals with the complexities in its patient populations. Being able to travel in India was also amazing as well.

5) Have you done other research? If so, what did it entail?

In the future, I plan on engaging in Penn Research. Previously I did work at Rice University involved with diagnostic microchips to detect Prostate Specific Antigen in cases of Prostate Cancer. There I helped in micro bead synthesis and creating a calibration curve to map chip results to specific levels of sample antigen.

Any other interesting stuff we should know about you?

Outside of my courses I am a TA in the Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science class at Penn. I'm also a member and Production chair of Penn’s Pan Asian Dance Troupe where I perform in shows and gigs around campus, choreograph dances, and create video content to market our shows and events. I'm also a photographer and take photos around Philly when possible.