Graduate Profiles

Meera Ragavan, LSM '11

Portola Valley, CA
College Major: 
Wharton Concentrations: 
Health Care Management

What are you doing currently?

I am attending medical school at Stanford University.

How did LSM help prepare you for life after college?

LSM really taught me to be a creative thinker. I gained a wide variety of skillsets, from becoming more meticulous and detail-oriented through my science education, to sharpening my leadership and communication skills through my business education. Moreover, LSM helped me learn a great deal about the various components of the health care industry, from biotechnology to basic bench research to health care reform. Having this breadth of knowledge as I head into a career in medicine is so valuable, as I feel more capable of understanding the current challenges facing the industry and potential ways to tackle those challenges. In addition, the experiences and resources LSM gave me through classes, internships, and access to fantastic mentors helped me really solidify my passion for medicine and healthcare.

What was your favorite aspect of the LSM program?

I really enjoyed the unique community of people that are part of the program. LSM students have diverse interests and backgrounds, and the faculty members involved also serve as great mentors and advisors. LSM also provides students with the opportunity to meet scientists, clinicians, and industry experts who are at the top of their field, through internships, lectures, and the capstone class. Having such an amazing community of fellow peers and mentors was very exciting and valuable as an undergraduate, and helped me a great deal in charting my own career path.

What do you think you’ll be doing 5 years from now?

I’ll be in my first year of residency. Right now I foresee myself going into Pediatrics, but I’m going into medical school with an open mind, so we’ll see what I end up doing!