Student Profiles

Osama Ahmed, LSM '16

Ontario, Canada
College Major: 


Unlike other groups, the LSM community is incredibly focused on similar academic goals. Being a likeminded group of highly competitive students, there is a mutual desire amongst everyone to succeed within the life sciences sector, both as scientists and businessmen. Yet despite the competitive nature of the program, the LSM community is also very collaborative, supportive, and friendly. Students from all years are more than willing to assist others and offer advice on a range of issues. Above everything, the small size of the program makes the LSM community very close, which is uncommon with many of the larger academic communities at Penn.

What will you be doing for your science internship?

As a rising junior, I am currently completing my science internship at the Wills Eye Hospital. I am a clinical research intern, and am part of the Summer Vision Research program. As an intern, I am involved in recruiting and walking patients through a trial involving a novel medical device that assists legally blind patients with daily activities. I am also involved with writing two manuscripts on Glaucoma related research, which we hope to publish by the end of the summer.

Have you done other research?

During the year, I am significantly involved in biophysics research, and am a member of the Englander Biophysics and Biochemistry lab. I work with mass spectrometry, using a technique called hydrogen exchange to investigate the folding patterns of various proteins. I have worked with proteins ranging from pepsin and cytochrome c to more obscure fungal proteases in the past.

Favorite experience at Penn so far:

Going to Tokyo with the Wharton Asia Exchange program during spring break.

Other interesting things about you?

I have quite a cosmopolitan background. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan, attended middle school in Sana'a, Yemen, then came to Toronto, Canada for high school. I have landed in the States for college. Apart from a closet full of souvenirs, I managed to pick up four languages and a passion for travelling the world along the way.