Student Profiles

Robert Hsu, LSM '15

Novi, MI
College Major: 
Wharton Concentrations: 
Public Health


I love having an adviser who is invested in my education and success, the close-knit feel of the LSM community, and the opportunity to learn two seemingly unrelated fields at the same time!

What makes the LSM community unique:

Because LSM only has 25 students per class, I have gotten the opportunity to get to know everyone in my class, and this has definitely enhanced the college experience and made adjusting to college easier.

What is your favorite experience at Penn so far?

I think just coming to college itself has been my favorite experience so far. I have been constantly challenged in so many different ways, and there is never a dull moment in which I have nothing to do! It is also nice to have more independence and control over my life.

Extracurricular Activities:

I'm a biweekly columnist for the Daily Pennsylvanian, Campus Health Initiatives Intern at Student Health Service, Project Leader for Social Impact Consulting, Volunteer Director at Penn Fitness for Life, and a research assistant at the Center for Health Behavior Research.

Plans after LSM:

After college, I hope to pursue a PhD in some area of public health with the goal of becoming a public health researcher one day, while creating greater societal change that makes the world a healthier place. My LSM degree will help me achieve these goals by instilling in me a scientific way of thinking necessary for research while equipping me with skills to put my ideas to work in reality.