Student Profiles

Vivek Nimgaonkar, LSM '16

Pittsburgh, PA
College Major: 


It is great to be able to spend the morning studying biochemistry and the afternoon learning about how to finance start-ups. I think that the academic duality of the program is really unique and interesting. I also really like the community, which I have found to be tight knit and supportive.

What will you be doing for your science internship?

I was very fortunate to receive the John Thouron Summer Research Prize, and so this upcoming summer after my sophomore year I am going to England to study and do research at the University of Cambridge. My research will be in exploring the viability of targeted small molecule therapies for cancer.

Have you done other research?

The summer after my freshman year, I worked in a cancer research lab at the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, studying the mitochondrial dynamics of cancer cells, overexpressing the myc oncogene. During my time at Penn, I have worked on a number of more policy-related research projects. I have done work with a number of other LSMers for Dr. Mark Pauly and Dr. Philip Rea on a project studying the drug discovery process, and I have also helped Dr. Pauly with a project investigating trends in healthcare service employment. I have also served on the Policy and Economics team for the Student Association of the Penn Wharton Public Policy Initiative, and this past semester worked on a report on illegal immigration.

Plans after LSM:

After graduating I am interested in pursuing work related to health policy, and I think that my classes and studies in Health Care Management and Business Economics and Public Policy at Wharton will really facilitate this type of work. Eventually, I hope to be able to go to medical school, and I think that my background in biology at the College of Arts and Sciences and my experiences in learning how to lead and communicate at Wharton will each help me.