Emily Wengel, LSM '10

Emily Wengel, LSM '10

Beachwood, Ohio
Wharton Concentrations

What have you been doing since you graduated from LSM?

Post-graduation, I have worked:

  • At non-profits in China.
  • As an analyst at BioMotiv, a biotech accelerator, where I was responsible for preparing investment memos and materials for fundraising.
  • As an associate at Silicon Valley where I worked on over 150 valuations in life sciences startups, focusing on digital health. I also coauthored some reports in the digital health space: https://www.svb.com/digital-health-report/
  • As a manager at Healthbox, an innovation services firm, where I lead Horizon Scan, our thought leadership offering helping hospitals navigate the digital health technologies, which has included webinars on remote monitoring and articles on behavioral health.

How do you feel LSM helped prepare you for life after college?

LSM exposed me to some of the challenges in the healthcare system, allowing me to realize the major challenges in the space. It helped solidify my interest in healthcare. Though I started out at Penn with a primary interest in biology, I developed more of an interest in learning how business can positively impact healthcare. Furthermore, interning at vSpring capital, where I had direct exposure to VCs and worked on a business plan for a biotech startup, helped me solidify startups and entrepreneurship as a key interest.

What aspects of the LSM program did you feel were critical?

The resources the program has to connect you to different internship and professional opportunities are extremely valuable. Additionally, some of the courses at Wharton, including the LSM Capstone, requires you to problem solve with your peers in a group, which is good exposure to working with others in a professional environment. 

What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

I’ve thought a lot about having a leadership role at a digital health startup, though that may require some more direct experience in a healthcare setting.

When I first graduated college I originally wanted to work in international development, which was a bit off the beaten track compared to my classmates. My exposure to some classes and groups at Penn caused me to develop an interest in social enterprise and social impact. While that still remains an interest, I feel that I am able to be most impactful in the healthcare space, given the strong background cultivated by LSM.

Do you still keep in touch with your LSM colleagues?

I do! In addition to making friends, I have reached out to colleagues for career advice during job searches and have even run into a familiar face at a conference.