Kevin Scanlan, LSM '15

Kevin Scanlan, LSM '15

Greenwich, CT
Wharton Concentrations

What have you been doing since you graduated?

I have worked in healthcare natural language processing (NLP) at IBM Watson since graduating. I just left IBM this past month and I will be starting my own venture in machine learning NLP for medical coding in oncology this fall. 

How did LSM help prepare you for life after college?

LSM definitely helped with respect to providing a broad knowledge base while still allowing us to gain more in-depth knowledge in both life sciences and business. I would say that LSM has influenced my career path by encouraging me to explore different areas of business/industry and not to focus on the traditional consulting and banking paths many Wharton students take. The program instills a passion to pursue a rigorous multi-disciplinary education both through our undergraduate years and post-graduation, which is a key component in being able to adapt our careers to each of our unique, individual skill sets.

What was your favorite aspect of the LSM program?

The most important part of LSM for me was the tightly knit peer group. From Day 1, some of my closest friends were in the program, and given all the classes, study groups, and social groups we shared, you grow really close after four years. For advice, I would definitely recommend trying to make genuine friendships within the program whether it’s students your year or older and younger students. Sharing common experiences with a solid peer group really catalyzes individual growth and challenges you to continuing to develop academically and as young professionals. 

What do you think you'll be doing 5 years from now?

Hopefully, I will be running business development at my own company. I think I have always had that goal, but I definitely needed some professional experience first to gain a broader perspective and undertake a real-world endeavor before I decided it was time to start my own business.