Jacob Jordan ('19)

Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia

Major: Mathematical Biology // Wharton Concentration: Business Analytics

What are your 3 favorite aspects of the LSM program?

The first aspect that comes to mind is of course the community and the friends I have made in the program. Being surrounded by like-minded, driven individuals who share the same passions and interest as you is so valuable and has been fundamental to my Penn experience. The leadership of the program, as I am sure everyone else would agree, is phenomenal too of course. No where else is there such an esteemed and distinguished collection of real world professionals and faculty who are all simultaneously interested in providing us with countless opportunities and want to help us achieve our pursuits. My last favorite aspect of LSM is the rigor. I personally like being challenged, and the content along with the course load of pursuing two degrees has definitely provided this element in my college career. At times it can be a lot, but at the end of every semester I find it to be completely worth all the work I put in.

What extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

Here at Penn I am the co-finance chair of the Penn Undergraduate Biotech Society, UMOJA representative on the Student Financial Services Advisory Board, and of course a part of LSAB. In my free time, as with many others in the program, I am also involved in a lab where I specifically deal with addressing questions about bioinformatics and micro-imaging segmentation.

Currently, what do you plan to do after college, and how will your LSM degrees help you achieve those goals?

After college I intend to go into investment banking for two years, and subsequently hope to pursue an MD/MBA. I believe my LSM degree perfectly suits my ambitions as it has cultivated in me both frameworks of thinking already in terms of being competent in science and business. What I also find advantageous is the network LSM has laid the groundwork for as I try to reach my goals, as there are many others who have come before me and already traversed the same path.