Sydney Kaye ('21)

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Biological Basis of Behavior // Wharton Concentration: Healthcare Management

What are your 3 favorite aspects of the LSM program?

1. Freshmen Seminar – When I first entered LSM, I thought upon graduation my two options would be either Medical School or a job in finance. However, listening to the wide variety of speakers in LSMP121 opened my eyes to the many possibilities in the intersection of life sciences and management.

2. Advising – Because it is a very small and tightknit program, I have found that – whether it be from Dr. Stokes or from older students – I have received incredible advice on everything from coursework, to career paths and internship experiences, to social activities on campus.

3. Networking – Given Penn’s incredible alumni network and the University’s focus on Business and Medicine, the resources and opportunities that LSM students receive are truly endless. While I am only a freshmen and thus have not done an internship yet, I have no doubt that when the time comes I will have the community and support to find the best possible place for me.

What makes the LSM community unique compared to other academic communities around Penn?

The LSM community is unique because even though the program is designed for people with a very specific, niche interest, the students are incredibly diverse in terms of their passions, eventual career goals, and involvements around campus.

Have you done other research (at Penn or otherwise)? If so, what did it entail?

During high school, I worked in a lab at Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS). I entered the internship under the assumption that I would be premed in college and become a physician thereafter, I soon realized that the field of medicine was much more multifaceted. It was this experience that opened my eyes to LSM.

What are your 3 favorite things about the city of Philadelphia?

1. Accessibility – Philly is incredibly close NYC and many other major cities.

2. Convenience – Philly is a very “walkable” city and you can basically go anywhere by foot!

3. Food!!! – Philly is known for more than just cheesesteaks and I have loved exploring many new spots over the course of my first semester.

What extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

Besides being on the Student Advisory Board, I have recently become involved in the Jewish Heritage Project (JHP), which is a national community of Jewish college students seeking to celebrate Jewish identity and values, develop professional networks, and give back through philanthropy. I am also involved in Greek life on campus and am a volunteer at Rhoads Elementary School through the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project.

Currently, what do you plan to do after college, and how will your LSM degrees help you achieve those goals?

Currently, I am hoping to end up somewhere in the business side of the life sciences industry. As just a freshman, I am still figuring out exactly what this would look like, but I have a strong passion for healthcare and business and definitely want to be involved in that intersection. Within medicine, I have a particular interest in neuroscience and have no doubt that LSM will provide me with many opportunities over the next four years to explore that further.