Katherine Novak ('20)

Hometown: Chatham, NJ

Major: Biochemistry // Wharton Concentration: Finance

What are your 3 favorite aspects of the LSM program?

One of the greatest aspects of the program, besides the academic balance, is the LSM community.  Whether it's working on homework in the lounge, or asking an upperclassmen for advice, the cohort of students has been very welcoming.  

The advisors are great in helping students to plan school and career futures.

Finally, the programing, such as speakers and LSM Retreat, really help to bring the program members together and educate LSMers about possible career paths.

What makes the LSM community unique compared to other academic communities around Penn?

While many members are interested in similar fields, there is incredible diversity in the program. Every student has a unique path and career goal, and it’s been so great meeting everyone and learning about their interests.

What internships have you done so far?

I stayed on campus to work in a lab at the Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute the summer after my freshman year. I think the most valuable part of that experience was learning more about scientific, bench research (basic science) and careers in academia.

What extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

I am a board member of the SEAS club eMED, as well as member of Wharton Leadership Ventures, Penn Women's Biotech Society, Penn Public Policy Initiative and LSAB.

Currently, what do you plan to do after college, and how will your LSM degrees help you achieve those goals?

I hope to pursue an advanced degree, such as an MD or PhD, and work in industry after Penn.  LSM supports these endeavors, by helping allowing me to consider internships in academic, industry, or business setting, as well as take classes across disciplines to prepare for work/graduate school.