Ryan Lee '23

Ryan Lee

Fremont, CA
College BA
Wharton BSE

What are three words you would use to describe LSM?

Curious, supportive, inspiring.


What do you find most rewarding or enjoyable about the LSM program?

I love always having several familiar faces in my biology classes—for example, taking Immunobiology bonded me with three other LSM students in my year I had never really interacted with before. The alumni are so supportive too.


If you have completed an LSM internship, where did you work and what did your work involve? What was the most rewarding feature of your internship?

Last summer, I had the wonderful experience of interning with the product development and medical team at ByHeart, an infant nutrition start-up actually founded by LSM board member Ron Belldegrun. It was insightful exploring the intersection of healthcare, consumer goods, and retail, and my project included designing a contaminant testing protocol, assessing competitors, and reviewing FDA claims submissions. The most rewarding aspect of my time of ByHeart was the mentorship I received, both personally and professionally.


What main extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

Social Impact Consulting, Science Olympiad at UPenn, Wharton Impact Venture Associates (Fund for Health), Stemnova