Dual Degree

An Innovative, Interdisciplinary Education Bridging Bioscience and Business

LSM is a specialized, coordinated dual degree program. The curriculum weaves three elements—the business education of Wharton; life science and liberal arts classes from the College; as well as distinctive LSM courses—into a unified, interdisciplinary course of study, leading to the completion of two degrees in four years: a Bachelor of Arts in a science major and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. In addition to their academic work, LSM students do two summer internships—one science, one business—that add a "real-world" dimension to the education they receive.

There is some overlap between the requirements for the two degrees; consequently, almost all LSM students are able to finish the program in the standard four years. The actual number of credits that students must take at Penn varies, depending on AP/IB credits earned, the selected science major, and whether a student chooses to fulfill additional requirements for medical school or other graduate programs.  But most LSM students take between 43-46 credits (1 course typically is equal to 1 credit) at Penn to complete the program.

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