Sample Schedule #1

BA in Biology, BS in Economics (concentration in Operations, Information & Decisions)*

LSM Courses
General Education Courses


Fall Semester: 
Life Sciences & Management Seminar (LSMP 121)
Molecular Biology of Life with lab (BIOL 121, 123)
Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 130)
Micro/Macroeconomics (ECON 010)
Management 100 (MGMT 100)
Spring Semester: 
Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 140)
General Chemistry I (CHEM 101)
Managerial Economics (BEPP 250)
Introduction to Operations, Information and Decisions (OIDD 101)
Introduction to Business Statistics II (STAT 102)


Fall Semester: 
Writing Seminar: Global Health (WRIT 013)
Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 241)
Vertebrate Physiology (BIOL 215)
Principles of Accounting I (ACCT 101)
Corporate Finance (FNCE 100)
Spring Semester: 
Health and Societies (HSOC 010)
Biochemistry (BIOL 204)
Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 242/3)
Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 101)
Monetary Economics (FNCE 101)
Managerial Accounting (ACCT 102)
Summer Internship


Fall Semester: 
Asian American Literature (ENGL 072)
Ancient Rome (HIST 027)
Introduction to Computer Programming (CIS 110)
Introduction to Sitar (MUSC 061)
Molecular Biology & Genetics (BIOL 221)
Management Information Systems (OIDD 210)
Spring Semester: 
Philosophy of Biology (PPE 225)
Introduction to Sitar II (MUSC 063)
Molec. Mechanisms of Infectious Disease (BIOL 406)
Intro to Law & Legal Processes (LGST 101)
Negotiations (OIDD 291)
Information Strategy & Economics (OIDD 469)
Summer Internship


Fall Semester: 
LSM Capstone (LSMP 421)
Consumer Behavior (MKTG 211)
Independent Study (BIOL 399)
Animal Behavior (BIOL 231)
Decision Processes (OPIM 290)
Spring Semester: 
LSM Capstone (LSMP 421)
Cancer Cell Biology (BIOL 407)
Genome Sciences & Genomic Medicine (BIOL 431)
Clinical Issues in Health Care Mgmt (HCMG 203)
Introduction to Management (MGMT 101)

*Assumes AP credit for Calculus I (MATH 104) and waiver for Statistics I (STAT 101), as well as Penn placement test credit for CHEM 102 and placement into the third semester of Spanish.