Transfer Applications

External Transfers

The LSM program cannot admit students who already have started their undergraduate education at another college or university.

Internal Transfers

LSM may consider transfer applications from Penn freshmen interested in entering the program as sophomores. However, transfers are possible only as space allows. LSM classes that are full (i.e., have 25 students or more) will not be able to accommodate transfer students. Students interested in LSM therefore are strongly advised to apply to the program for freshman admission.

Transfer applications will only be considered after completion of at least eight course units at Penn, at the end of the spring of freshman year.

If you're a current Penn freshman who would like to get in touch regarding a possible internal transfer, you can email Peter Stokes, the Director of Advising and Administration.

Academic Requirements

To be eligible, internal transfer applicants are required to have completed, or have equivalent credit or a waiver for, by the end of spring semester of freshman year:

  • Econ 001 and Econ 002 (current College students) or Econ 010 (current Wharton students)
    NB: Econ 001 and 002 cannot be taken together in the same semester
  • Math 104
  • Biology 121, and preferably at least one other semester of science course work (or, for those intending to major in Biochemistry or Chemistry, Chem 101 and Chem 102 or equivalent). Note that Biology 121 is only offered in the fall semester.

    Students must also have a minimum GPA of 3.60 to be considered. 

    How to Apply

    Internal transfer applicants must submit the following materials to the Life Sciences & Management Office by May 15th:

    • The LSM Application - To download the transfer application, CLICK HERE.
    • The Personal Essay
    • Two letters of recommendation, at least one of which must be from a Penn faculty member. Please note that recommendations should be confidential; they either may be mailed to the LSM office or emailed to

      In addition, all candidates will be required to meet with one or both of the LSM Faculty Co-Directors. Please contact Peter Stokes at in advance of the May 15th deadline (and preferably by mid-April) if you intend to apply, in order to schedule the meeting.

      If you'd like to be considered for an uncoordinated dual degree in the event you're not admitted by LSM, you should also apply online to the relevant school.

      If you'd be applying to join Wharton, see:

      If you'd be applying to the College of Arts & Sciences, see: