Student Advisory Board

The LSM Student Advisory Board (LSAB) serves as an instrument for greater student participation and as a forum for students to voice their opinions about issues of concern to them. LSAB members frequently organize panel discussions on subjects such as study abroad, internships, and recruiting. They also facilitate informal mentoring between upper and underclassmen in the program.

The LSAB also works to build a sense of community through social events such as pizza parties and coffee hours. In the past they've organized trivia nights, karaoke, and trips to Phillies games. Such activities help to maintain the close ties formed between LSM students during their freshmen year. LSAB also contributes to planning LSM related academic, professional, and community-building events.

This decision making body of LSM students includes members from the Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior classes, as well as students who have transferred into the program. The board acts as a liaison between the administration and the student body, providing a forum for students to shape their LSM experiences.

Current LSAB Members