Sample Schedules

To get a more concrete sense of what the LSM program entails, take a few moments to review the sample dual degree schedules given below.  These samples are based on the actual course schedules of graduated LSM students, and include examples of how study abroad and pre-med work can be integrated into the LSM curriculum.

Please keep in mind, however, that these are just individual examples; they're not intended as definitive guides for how to complete requirements. AP credits, transfer credits, and Penn placement tests can help students get through requirements more quickly and may allow students to take a greater number of electives. And there are often many options for fulfilling the various requirements, and many different ways of ordering and arranging the courses.

Sample #1

BA, Biology, and BS, Economics (concentration in Operations, Information & Decisions), and Pre-Med

Sample #2

BA, Biochemistry, and BS, Economics (concentration in Health Care Management & Policy), and Pre-Med

Sample #3

BA, Neuroscience, and BS, Economics (concentration in Finance), with Study Abroad

Sample #4

BA, Biology, and BS, Economics (concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation) - assumes no external (AP) or departmental exam credits