Preparing for LSM

Secondary School Course Work

LSM encourages applicants take the most rigorous science and math courses available at their high school. College prep courses, including AP, IB Higher Level, and A-level courses, where available, are ideal. Such courses provide a solid foundation for a science-based curriculum like LSM, and prepare students to place out of introductory level courses at Penn, making it easier to complete all of the requirements for the LSM dual-degree in the standard 4 years.

Extracurricular Activities

Outside of course work, LSM hopes students will involve themselves in clubs or organizations that best suit their interests, and provide opportunities for developing leadership and teamwork skills.

Evidence of a commitment to science and/or healthcare in extracurricular pursuits is welcome, whether through independent research, volunteer or paid work, involvement in school or community-based organizations or non-profits, or participation in academic competitions.

Business experience is neither expected nor required. But students interested in LSM are encouraged to cultivate an appreciation of management by seeking leadership positions within school/community groups, or, where possible, taking a class in Economics. These kinds of endeavors can help students see whether they really would enjoy the business side of the LSM curriculum.

Standardized Tests

Please visit the University of Pennsylvania's Admissions website for the latest information on testing requirements.