Study Abroad

Study abroad is possible for LSM students with advanced planning. In recent years, several LSMers have participated in study abroad programs in places like Australia, Brazil, and Scotland.

Students who attend a Wharton-approved study abroad program may take courses that count toward the Business Breadth requirement as well as Arts & Sciences courses. The Department of Biology website identifies several recommended programs through which students can take upper-level science courses. Students also can use the program search feature on the Penn Abroad site to find schools abroad that offer classes relevant to bioscience majors. LSM students who do not wish to spend an entire semester or year abroad, but who want to gain some international experience, might consider doing one of the Wharton International Programs during the summer or a Global Modular Course during the academic year. Or it is also possible to do one or more summer internships overseas.

LSM Students' Study Abroad Experiences:

Jeffrey Zhang, LSM Class of 2025

Student in Scotland

"My semester abroad at The University of Edinburgh exceeded all my expectations. As an LSM student, I primarily took biology courses and earned four credits toward my degree. Beyond academics, living with local Edinburgh students allowed me to fully embrace their unique traditions. Whether it was learning about Scottish history or participating in a cèilidh, I had numerous opportunities to immerse myself in another culture. Furthermore, Scotland’s prime location offered convenient access to other parts of Europe. I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, experienced the Madrid derby in Spain, and witnessed the iconic changing of the guard in London. Overall, I highly recommend that all LSM students consider studying abroad and plan for it early. It will truly be one of your most rewarding college experiences!"

Juliet Solit, LSM Class of 2020


"I studied abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia the second semester of my junior year. It was really great to experience another culture, meet new people with unique backgrounds, and learn how academic institutions function outside the US. My semester abroad fit into the LSM academic requirements very well; I took neurobiology, abnormal psychology, negotiations, and consumer psychology, all of which counted towards my BBB major or as Wharton business breaths. Plus, I got to go hiking and surfing on the weekends!" 

A.J. Sacks, LSM Class of 2019


"I studied abroad for 4 months at University of Edinburgh in Scotland and it was my favorite semester of college! I loved having Edinburgh as my home base and immersed myself in a new culture and academic setting. It was a nice change of pace studying at an international university yet I was still able to get business credits by taking courses on game theory and branding. My brand culture class was especially fascinating because I was able to learn the different perspectives Scottish students and other international students had on popular brands such as Coca Cola, Apple, Nike etc. On top of that, I had a great time discovering the history of Scotland and the UK and interacting with Scottish locals. While there, I also leveraged my location to travel to cities throughout Europe and further. Among my favorite experiences and memories, I tasted new cuisines, discovered the social night life in Budapest, visited museums such as Del Prado and Le Louvre, celebrated St. Patrick’s day in the streets of Dublin, toured the Real Madrid soccer stadium, and saw famous architectural buildings like the Sagrada Familia. Study abroad was a unique once in a life-time opportunity that every LSM student can capitalize on if they want to and plan ahead!"

Sharonya Vadakattu, LSM Class of 2018

"Spending five months studying and living in the biggest city in Latin America was certainly not an experience I expected to have when I first came into LSM! However, my semester abroad in São Paulo, Brazil, ended up being the most valuable and eye-opening learning endeavor I undertook at Penn. I learned a great deal outside of my business and politics-centered courses: about the Portuguese language, the endless facets of Brazilian history, culture, music, food, and art, and of course, the incredible natural and constructed wonders that the country holds. While I didn’t study science directly in Brazil, my semester in São Paulo definitely complimented my LSM education. I chose Brazil in part for its fascinating hospital system, its unique developmental health issues in the wake of the 2016 Rio Olympics, and the internal diversity of policies and outcomes. Overall, I recommend taking any chance to travel and immerse yourself in another place and culture with an open mind. Gaining exposure to different ways of living and thinking is one of the most invaluable things, especially so early on in our academic and professional lives!"