An Innovative, Interdisciplinary Education Bridging Bioscience and Business

LSM is a specialized, coordinated dual degree program. The curriculum weaves three elements—the business education of Wharton; life science and liberal arts classes from the College; as well as distinctive LSM courses—into a unified, interdisciplinary course of study, leading to the completion of two degrees in four years: a Bachelor of Arts in a science major and a Bachelor of Science in Economics. In addition to their academic work, LSM students do two required summer internships after their sophomore and junior years—one science, one business—that add a "real-world" dimension to the education they receive.

There is some overlap between the requirements for the two degrees; consequently, almost all LSM students are able to finish the program in the standard four years. The actual number of credits that students must take at Penn varies, depending on AP/IB or departmental equivalency exam credits earned, the selected science major, and whether a student chooses to fulfill additional requirements for medical school or other graduate programs.  The minimum number of credits needed to graduate from LSM is 43 (1 course typically is equal to 1 credit), though most take around 45 courses at Penn to complete the program.

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