LSM Summer Internship Placements: 2019

Management Internships 

Accenture (consulting)

Alpha Vantage (tech startup, full stack intern)

BCG x2 (consulting)

Centerview (investment banking)

Citadel Securities (hedge fund)

Citi (investment banking)

ClearView x2 (consulting)

COMPASS Pathways, London (clinical development/business strategy)

Cowen (investment banking)

Etcetera Technologies (entrepreneurship)

Goldman Sachs x2 (investment banking)

Houlihan Lokey (investment banking)

J.P. Morgan (investment banking)

Lazard (investment banking)

Locust Walk Partners (consulting)

Moelis & Co. (investment banking)

MTS Health Partners (investment banking)

PolicyLab, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (with Dr. Chen Kenyon, asthma clinical trial planning and coordination and intervention evaluation)

Putnam Healthcare Partners (consulting)

ZS Associates (consulting)


Life Sciences Internships

Allogene Therapeutics (x3) (CAR-T cancer therapies; cell engineering, immunology, flow cytometry)

Genentech (Clinical pharmacology)

Genosity (Computational biology, genomics)

GlaxoSmithKline (Computational Biology and Data Engineering, malaria detection project)

Glenmill Science (Bioinformatics, machine learning, neurodegenerative diseases)

Kite Pharma (CAR-T cell therapy: protein science, immunology)

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (Human Oncology & Pathogenesis: translational research, genomics)

MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (Computational biology, cancer biology)

Mt. Sinai, Icahn Institute for Data Science and Genomic Technology (Computational biology, machine learning, clinical trial data science)

NIH Office of Disease Prevention (Bioinformatics, statistics, maternal and child health)

Regeneron Genetics Center (Neurodegenerative diseases, genetics, data science)

RiboNova (Computational biology: molecular modeling, cancer therapies)

Taiwan Academica Sinica (Microbiology, mass spectrometry)

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School Abramson Family Cancer Research Institute (Cancer biology, DNA repair mechanisms)

University of Pennsylvania Perelman School Translational Medicine and Human Genetics Department (Bioinformatics, genomics, oncology)

Weill Cornell Brain and Spine Center (Epilepsy Research Laboratory: optical imaging, electrophysiology, rodent craniotomies)

Weill Cornell Brain Tumor Center (Molecular neuro-oncology, cerebral organoids)