Lina Bae '24

Lina Bae

Changwon-si, South Korea
College BA
General Biology
Wharton BSE

What are three words you would use to describe LSM?

Diversity, Rigorous, and Community


What do you find most rewarding or enjoyable about the LSM program?

The lineage community was what I found the most enjoyable about the LSM program. The lineage community is basically a small social group of LSM students from different years. Even with the rigorous curriculum, I could always count on my upperclassmen from my lineage for advice, and I enjoyed greeting and meeting the new underclassmen. Lineage dinners are definitely my favorite part of the whole lineage experience. We get to enjoy food from different cultures as our lineage has students from all over the world, and converse about school life.

[The LSM Student Advisory Board places students into 'lineages' each year, each lineage has at least one first-year, sophomore, junior, and senior. The purpose of the LSM lineage program is for students to get to know each other across years and for lowerclassmen to have some upperclassmen they can reach out to with questions about classes or other Penn activities]


If you have completed an LSM internship, where did you work and what did your work involve? What was the most rewarding feature of your internship?

I worked remotely at the neurology department of Boston Children’s Hospital for my science internship. My work involved reading through papers related to neuroscience and sorting out the ones related to detecting epilepsy using video and audio for further meta-analysis. I also did a journal club presentation on preferences and user experiences of wearable devices in epilepsy. The most rewarding feature of my internship was the communication between the lab community. Despite me being in a different time zone in Korea, members of the lab were very supportive and communicative throughout the whole internship. I enjoyed working with my partners so much that I’ve decided to extend my internship until the end of next semester.


What main extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

Servicelink, Wharton Marketing Undergraduate Student Establishment (MUSE), Project Sunshine, Penn Wind Ensemble


Do you have plans for after graduation (tentative or otherwise)?

Through primarily majoring in neuroscience and concentrating in marketing, I found out that I have an interest in how the human brain and mind works. I had an interest in criminology as well since high school, and my new interest in the human brain led me to an interest in a field called neurocriminology, which I had the great opportunity to explore while fulfilling my College requirements. I would first like to submarticulate and get a Masters degree in criminology and explore my interests in the field and conduct research in neurocriminology. Then I plan on going to medical school to study pathology or psychiatry and become a forensic pathologist or psychiatrist. I probably could not have made this goal without the diverse education of both Wharton and the College that LSM provide, so I am grateful for the program.