LSM Summer Internship Placements: 2014

LS = Life Sciences Internship    M = Management

Accenture (M: Florham Park, NJ)

Annenberg School, Communication Neuroscience (LS: Philadelphia, PA)

Aravind Eye Hospital (LS: Tamil Nadu, India)

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (Finance, Healthcare Investment Banking) (M: New York, NY)

Cambridge University (Thouron Scholar) (LS: Cambridge, UK)

Carlsberg Laboratory (LS: Copenhagen, Denmark)

Center for Biodefense & Infectious Disease (LS: Washington, DC)

Centerview Partners (M: New York, NY)

Chinese University of Hong Kong (LS: Hong Kong)

CHOP Center for Childhood Cancer Research (LS: Philadelphia, PA)

Citi Investment Banking (M: New York, NY)

Columbia University, Cardiothoracic Surgery (LS: New York, NY)

Cowen Group, Healthcare Banking (M: San Francisco, CA)

Decision Resources, Clinical data analysis (LS: Burlington, MA)

Discovery Capital Management (M: Norwalk, CT)

Genentech Finance (M: San Francisco, CA)

GlaxoSmithKline (LS, M: Global Commercial Strategy & Platform Division, King of Prussia, PA)

Invectys/Institut Pasteur (LS: Paris, France)

Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics (IMAT), Penn Medicine (LS: Philadelphia, PA)

JP Morgan Healthcare (M: New York, NY)

Kite Pharma (LS: Santa Monica, CA)

Lazard (M: Healthcare group M&A, San Francisco, CA)

Leerink (M: Healthcare investment banking, New York, NY)

Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Division of Cardiology (LS: New York, NY)

National Institute for Mental Health (LS: Bethesda, MD)

Optiver (M: Chicago, IL)

Penn Center for Bioinformatics (LS: Philadelphia, PA)

Penn Vet School (LS: Pathobiology, Philadelphia, PA)

PrimBio Research Institute (LS: Exton, PA)

Quorum Consulting (M: San Francisco, CA)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (LS: Tarrytown, NY)

Siga Technologies (M: Healthcare Investments, 

Simon Kucher (M: New York, NY)

Starwood Capital (M: Private Equity Intern, Greenwich, CT)

Vertex (LS: Cancer Microbiology, Exploratory Biochemistry, Protein Sciences, Boston, MA)

Wells Fargo (M: Healthcare, Biotech and Pharma Investment Banking, San Francisco, CA)

Wills Eye Institute (LS: Philadelphia, PA)