Abhishek Rao '18

Abhishek Rao

New York, NY
College BA
Molecular and Cell Biology
Wharton BSE
Operations Management

What have you been doing (for work, for graduate/professional school, or otherwise) since you graduated from LSM? Are you working on anything outside of your current occupation?

I’m attending medical school at Columbia University. I’m currently in my fourth year, and the majority of my research to date has been focused on the outcomes of aortic dissection.


What is the most rewarding part of what you are doing currently?

The most rewarding part of medical school has been the opportunities to connect with patients from all walks of life. The process of slowly building my skills over time, whether becoming smoother at performing a deep dermal stitch or more efficient at evaluating the causes of leg pain in the Emergency Department, has been enjoyable as well.


Do you think LSM prepared you for life after college? What aspects were most helpful?

The detailed foundation in both biology and business from LSM has been invaluable, preparing me for my anatomy, genetics, and physiology courses on one hand and my quality improvement activities and health care systems classes on the other. Our LSM Capstone class opened my eyes to the process of medical device development, which is directly relevant to my interests in surgery and surgical device creation.

The most valuable aspect of LSM is the people, including my inspiring mentors, my amazing classmates, and my good friends both from the program and the broader alumni network.


Do you have future plans beyond your current role?

I’m currently applying to residency programs in surgery, with a specific interest in vascular surgery. I aspire to be a multifaceted academic surgeon.