Maya Kennedy '25

Maya Kennedy

Vancouver, Canada
College BA
Wharton BSE
Healthcare Management

1) What are three words you would use to describe LSM?

Supportive, innovative, and dedicated.


2) What do you find most rewarding or enjoyable about the LSM program?

My favourite thing about LSM is the community. Although there are only dedicated LSM classes freshman and senior year, there’s almost always LSM students in the general courses you take in the College and Wharton. Having this network of touchpoints made my transition to Penn so much easier. Even now when I’m facing a challenging class or am looking for new study strategies, I always reach out to LSM upperclassmen first to see if there’s anyone who is willing to share their experiences or advice with me—nine times out of ten, there is!


3) Are you doing research currently? If so, where and on what, and what do you like about it?

I am currently working in the Wang Laboratory with Penn Veterinary Medicine, investigating the role of meiotic proteins in male fertility. It’s equally fun and challenging to apply the techniques I’ve learned about in my biology classes in the College to practical scientific investigation. Plus, being in a smaller lab has allowed me to explore the areas of research I’m most interested in and to pick up a lot of skills very quickly.


4) What main extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

Outside of being on the LSM Advisory Board, I’m also a mentor to other FGLI students through Penn First Plus, an active member of Penn Democrats, and am involved with research. Additionally, I work as a Patient Engagement Coordinator with EduCare, a non-profit comprised of current Penn students and alumni that helps to increase health literacy and patient outcomes in the Philadelphia community.


5) Do you have plans for after graduation (tentative or otherwise)?

Currently, I’m hoping to work in business for a few years after graduation (either healthcare consulting or in biotech) and then apply to medical school.