Talia Tisserand '24

Talia Tisserand

Paris, France
College BA
General Biology
Wharton BSE
OIDD- Operations, Information and Decisions

What are three words you would use to describe LSM?

Supportive, Stimulating and Rigorous


Why did you choose LSM?

In highschool I discovered my passion for the life sciences in class and through an internship in a lab and as much as I loved learning about the research and the amazing innovations in the field, I started to realize that none of these discoveries, drugs and technologies could actually have an impact and reach patients without understanding how to market and sell them. I knew that being in LSM, receiving a top tier education in both biology and business would help me gain an in depth understanding of both the nitty gritty science and the big picture industry.


What do you find most rewarding or enjoyable about the LSM program?

I find the diversity of classes you take truly rewarding! Last semester I was going from an advanced genetics lecture to a class on AI, business and society to a seminar on Ancient Drama. It’s such a unique opportunity to get all this exposure.


If you have completed an LSM internship, where did you work and what did your work involve? What was the most rewarding feature of your internship?

I’m working at eGenesis this summer which is a biotech doing research on xenotransplantation. I’m rotating in the Gene Editing and Immunology departments. I think the most rewarding part of my internship is working with such brilliant and passionate researchers who are very willing to have me participate and contribute. I’ve truly loved being a part of such a collaborative and stimulating environment !


What main extracurricular activities do you do at Penn?

I’m in Kappa Alpha Theta and currently co-president of Wharton Europe. I think one of the best things about Penn is how many different exciting groups there are!