Sample Schedule #4

BA in Biology, BS in Economics (concentration in Entrepreneurship and Innovation) – assumes no external (AP) or departmental exam credits.

Note that students beginning with less preparation in science and math could:

  • start with MATH 1300 (Introduction to Calculus) before taking MATH 1400
  • take CHEM 1011 (Introduction to General Chemistry) instead of CHEM 1021
  • with permission, take the introductory BIOL 1101 and 1102 sequence (and then take one fewer intermediate, 2000-level Biology courses) instead of BIOL 1121.
  • Science

  • Business

  • LSM Courses

  • General Education Courses


First-Year Fall Semester

Life Sciences & Management Seminar (LSMP 1210)
Molecular Biology of Life with Lab (BIOL 1121 and 1123; 1.5 credits)
Calculus, Part I (MATH 1400)
Introductory Economics for Business Students (BEPP 1000)
Business and You (WH 1010; 0.5 credit)

First-Year Spring Semester

General Chemistry I with Lab (CHEM 1012 and 1101; 1.5 credits)
Introductory Business Statistics I (STAT 1010)
Critical Writing Seminar (WRIT 0890)
Introduction to Operations, Information and Decisions (OIDD 1010)
Ethics and Corporate Responsibility (LGST 1000)


Fall Semester

General Chemistry II (CHEM 1022)
Molecular Biology and Genetics (BIOL 2210)
Corporate Finance (FNCE 1000)
Principles of Accounting I (ACCT 1010)
Introduction to Africana Studies (AFRC 1001)
American Sign Language I (ASLD 0100)

Spring Semester

Principles of Organic Chemistry I with Laboratory (CHEM 2411; 1.5 credits)
Introductory Business Statistics II (STAT 1020)
Introduction to Marketing (MKTG 1010)
Managerial Economics (BEPP 2500)
American Sign Language II (ASLD 0200)
Summer Internship


Fall Semester

Principles of Human Physiology (BIOL 3310)
Ecology: From Individuals to Ecosystems (BIOL 2610)
Monetary Economics and the Global Economy (FNCE 1010)
Introduction to Management (MGMT 1010)
Entrepreneurship (MGMT 2300; 0.5 credit)
American Sign Language III (ASLD 0300)

Spring Semester

Biochemistry (BIOL 2810)
Principles of Accounting II (ACCT 1020)
Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (MGMT 2670; 0.5 credit)
Comparative Health Care Systems (HCMG 2040)
Comparative Medicine (HSOC 0490)
American Sign Language IV (ASLD 0400)
Summer Internship


Fall Semester

Life Sciences & Management Capstone (LSMP 4210; first of two semesters)
Biology Independent Study (BIOL 3999)
Molecular Physiology (BIOL 4310)
Health Care Entrepreneurship (HCMG 3910)
Negotiations (MGMT 2910)
Criminology (CRIM 1000 – pure Arts & Sciences elective, could be taken pass/fail)

Spring Semester

Life Sciences & Management Capstone (LSMP 4210)
Biology Advanced Independent Study (BIOL 4999)
Genomic Sciences and Genomic Medicine (BIOL 4231)
Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation (FNCE 2500)
World Art: 1400 to Now (VLST 2320)
Epidemics in History (HSOC 0387 – pure Arts & Sciences elective, could be taken pass/fail)